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Missing Teeth Know Your Options

Missing Teeth Know Your Options

Missing Teeth Know Your Options

As we know, multiple options are available these days for missing tooth situation, and everyone wants to go with the best one. Earlier, Dental bridges were the only solution for missing teeth. But now, dental implants are considered the best way to get natural looking teeth for your broad smile.

Dental implants allow close to natural eating and bite. While using implant you can brush normally. Other options for missing tooth are bridges and removable dentures.
Both bridge and removable dentures do not offer any kind of protection to the bone because they do not replace the root. Dental implants are the best option if someone is looking for a long term solution for a missing tooth. Dental implants not only fill in the gap of a missing tooth, but it also gives you the gift of a natural smile.
To avoid too much hassle, opt for the same day fixed teeth service or one-day implants as people call it. They are an excellent choice as it saves a lot of time and money of multiple visits to a good doctor.
Below are the benefits of dental implants.


Being strong and stable, an implant can last longer than any option of missing tooth. It can restore the lost tooth in such a way that the fitting and functioning will be like natural teeth. While looking at the cost-benefit ratio, dental implants provide the best experience.


Dental implants offer long term advantage. International accepted success rate if 95% over 5 years and 90% over 10 year period. Dental implants may require minor adjustments over the years but they do offer the longest solution to missing teeth available today. You do not need to feel embarrassed because of using removable dentures. Very often, dentures loosen or fall out while laughing or talking. For this particular reason, you should be using a dental implant as a permanent solution for your missing teeth.


To speak and look perfectly, a dental implant is the best choice for you. There will be no grinding of teeth while using implants. When no root canal is possible, a dental implant can be an excellent option after cleaning the chambers. There will be no cavities while using implants. In this way, no grinding of teeth is needed and no root canal will be required. Implants play a significant role to protect your healthy teeth. It allows you to eat your favourite dishes as well. However, the dental implant has proven record of reliable and successful outcomes and that is why it has been considered as a more predictable treatment method than other options for missing teeth like a bridge or removable denture.

It takes around 6 minutes to place one dental implant. An implant is usually placed in the posick with the dentist is required to make the implant process successful.

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