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“Plans that make us proud (Unlike our nephew, Steve)”

Got a slight smirk on your face after reading this subject? Right?
This is what pushes the user to open the email

Whenever you open that never ending inbox, what grabs your attention immediately?
A boring informative email or something controversial?
Well, we all know what we click on first!

An engaging subject is something which will multiply the chances of the target audience of opening the email. It is one of the most considerable components to derive traffic.
If the subject is tempting enough, there are high chances of the user having a look at it at least once.
It is simple, an opened email equals to an increased prospective customer.

Since text is called the ‘Body’ of the email, ‘Subject’ is the face.
People judge the ‘Book by it’s cover’ and in this case, ‘Subject’, is the cover!

Just remember, the more you spice up the Subject, the higher are the chances, which eventually means – CONVERSIONS!

Just like the Subject, the significance of Sender name cannot be minimized. The name of the sender should be credible enough so that the receiver should not consider it as a scam. The name of the sender builds up credibility in the back of the mind of the users.

Basically, the ‘Subject’ should be offend the user a little and should make him smile after he/she opens the email. That is the most quintessential way of writing gripping emails.


Apply the S&S (Subject & Sender) and you are halfway through.

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