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Remember being 4 years old and struggling to ride a bicycle?

It starts with a fantasy of riding that shiny piece of metal and rubber combined together to form a beautiful childhood dream. As a first-timer, you were supported by additional training wheels on either side.

Once the initial process is in function, one by one the supporting wheels were taken away from the cycle. Your friends, your family and your parents, everyone was anxious that your endeavor might end in a ditch with you upside down under your bicycle.

Ha!, and you are not one to disappoint, but then again you got up dusted your clothes, rubbed your bruised knee and elbow. Tears welled up when you realized how much it hurts, then the shudder of the thought that you will never be able to ride a bicycle again.

But then your father came up and motivated you to get up and try again.

Disheartened and hurt, you agreed to him and gave it another shot.

After continuous attempts with your father holding the bicycle from behind, one day you balanced and started riding it all by yourself.

That was the first time you tasted success after a series of failure and bruises on your limbs.

So let that 4-year-old child believe in you and take the risk you have been waiting to take for a long time. Don’t over calculate, either you’ll learn to ride the bicycle or will have bruises and will get up to try again.

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