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Patriotism is in the air, up and around. Every Independence season, we visit the era of freedom and how the leaders struggled to throw the British out of the country.
It was the time of change, an entirely different world altogether.

In the parallel world, British and USA had a different era of their own.

It’s surprising that the way of expressions varied so much so that it doesn’t seem that from the same years.

Companies were trying to use advertising and marketing tools to increase their sale.

This is how advertisements looked in the United States in 1947. In a much bolder and beautiful style, it was a big deal to put a woman’s face to advertise something as big as an airline.

On the other hand, the advertisements running in British countries usually portrayed women in the kitchen or at home with kids.

Looking at both the cultures, USA being bolder in its approach and Britishers having an elegant (read old school) approach.

The marketing minds behind the advertisements are to be given their due credit for keeping the cultures in mind before targeting the audience.

Meanwhile in India, in the midst of the freedom struggle,  the advertisements revolved around the concept of freedom in India.

The marketing mind behind all of it was to focus on the sensitive topic which would interest the audience and make an impact.

And well, it worked.

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