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How often should brands send marketing emails?

There is no upvoted answer for this question till date which displays accuracy. The reason being every organization, business and field having a different target audience, the nature of products & services, their own way of functioning and the list goes on.

This brings us to ‘not’ have any definite answer for frequencies.

On the brighter side, there are a few things which can be taken care of to acute the chances of messing up and losing clients.

They are:

  1. Information overload: No matter how much you tempt to educate the audience about your field of work, trust us, they are NOT INTERESTED. So to make them open and read the mail, make the subject line catchy, keep the content limited and make it interesting.
    The content should be created in such a way that it’s short, crisp, easy to understand and remember. In addition to that, visuals can be added and one of the most important factors is to have the catchiest Subject line.
  2. Frequency: Think of your favorite dessert. Now think of eating it thrice every day. Disgusted? Right?
    This is exactly how your audience feels when they receive a blizzard of emails from you and hence, they UNSUBSCRIBE.
    Be consistent and keep a close check on the frequency rate.
  3. That thin line: There is not much gap between being noticed and looking overexcited. Always be careful about where to draw the line. Don’t pitch in every mail. Maintain a balance between informative emails and new offers.
  4. User power: Let the users decide what frequency they want. Like that, you can make the maximum use of the chances you get to interact with the client.
    Let them pick their preferred frequencies of emails to be received by you. This will establish the sense of satisfaction of not receiving unwanted junk in the inbox.

CONSISTENT: No matter when you drop in the inbox, be consistent. Quality is any day over quantity. It’s better to be wanted than to be easily available. Be consistent to establish trust in the eyes of the customers and to be noticeable enough.

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