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Green Ganesha!

Never too late to celebrate an Eco-Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

  1. Biodegradable idols –  Opt for idols made from natural products. These days, even chocolate Ganpatis are available. In 2017, a 27 Feet Ganpati was made out of raw bananas, to be distributed among the the people after 11 days when the bananas ripen.

  2. Visarjan : If you got a non friendly Ganpati already, don’t worry. Instead of doing the visarjan in natural water bodies, do it in an artificial tank. Submerge it in the lawn or in pot kept in your garden.

  3. Festival waste : A lot of flowers, fruits and leaves are used in the celebration. Instead of throwing them all away, they can be collected in a pit so that they can turn into fertilizers over time.

  4. Natural clay – Ganpati idols made of natural clay are the new big thing. The concept is really popular in Bangaluru. The idols have plant kits which when submerged into pots, will turn them into plants overtime. This not just reduces the pollution, but adds to the green movement.

  5. Save electricity : Instead of keeping the lights on throughout the festival, they should be switched on while performing the puja.

  6. Metal Idols : Metal idols are a great option. You can use them year after year and can pour a few drops over it for visarjan.

Go green, after all Lord Ganesha is the God of new beginnings!

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