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Holi: Beyond Gulal, Gujiya and Gulab

Holi: Beyond Gulal, Gujiya and Gulab

One of the biggest festivals of India, which brings a splash of colors all across. It has transcended the length and breadth of the country.
India celebrates the festival of colors, the victory of good over evil, with a sprinkle of colors on the top.

One thing which usually goes unnoticed in the bigger picture is the measures one should take to keep the environment and yourself safe.
Below are some measures to make the festival of colors safer and happier:

  • Wastage: Gallons of water is wasted on Holi. High time we realize the value of water and avoid wastage. Not to forget how many people suffer because of the scarcity of water in Indian states.
  • Loud Music: Celebrations must not lead to noise pollution. Therefore, avoid laying loud music for long hours. Many people have started organizing Holi festivals in farmhouses, at a distance from residential areas, which is a successful alternative to noise pollution.
  • The stray: Don’t throw and let anyone around you color the stray animals. It might cause them bad allergies and they don’t have anyone to take care of.
  • Rash driving: Young crowds out on the streets, rash driving is a common site. This causes accidents, which can turn into serious matters in no time.
  • Holika Dahan: A night before the color play, a heap of wood is burnt in different parts of India symbolizing burning of evil. Though it has a historical reference, it is harming the present. Therefore, it is high time to find alternatives to it, like, a small amount of wood being burnt, regions celebrating it together instead of burning it in every household, etc.
  • Hygiene: Make sure to clean your hands before you touch the food. You don’t want to fall sick because of accidentally consuming colors.

Let Holi remain the beautiful festival which breaks the barriers of religions and regions.

Let’s welcome spring with a splash of gulal, gujiya and flowers.