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6 Ways to increase sales on Father’s Day!

6 Ways to increase sales on Father’s Day!

6  Ways to increase sales on Father’s Day!

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday June 17th, which can help you to increase brand engagement and build customer loyalty which every brand dreams for. As a business, your motive should be to reach your customers or clients and offer them an incentive to visit your website/store and make a purchase.

Email Marketing is the most effective way of engaging and converting customers. All the people are actively looking for gift ideas. You can make it easier for them by sending emails containing wishes along with why doing business with you will make their Father’s Day extra special, offers, details of your products etc.

Every occasion is a freeway to boost your sales and profits. Here are a few ways to get the best out of FATHER’S DAY.

Send the right message and get a word out:

  • The most important task is make the right message.  Your email content should be crisp and clear. People want to say thank you to their fathers in the best way possible, so your message should be able to speak to the emotions of your customer.
  • Phrases like Valid only till, Limited period offer adds an extra sense of urgency to your message.

Use visual methods

  • Only text posts, emails are very uninteresting and people don’t pay attention to them. Make use of vibrant and relevant pictures and colors with fancy and minimal text for your email templates. It should be able to convey your message easily. Like with Contact Grow you can create numerous email templates according to your requirements.
  • For advertising your father’s day products you can use images of family or a man opening gifts etc.
  • Include the offers, discounts etc in the template only.

Use simulating offers:

  • Offer discount if products are bought in a combination over individual item.
  • Make use of offers like limited claimable offers. It will create a sense of urgency in the minds of the shoppers and they will make a quick purchase worrying that they may miss the offer.
  • You can  use discount codes, cashback offers.
  • Offer gift wrapping options.
  • You can also create competitions like “Dad Joke Contest” and provide hampers containing gifts for their fathers.
  • You should keep your offers valid till the last sales possibility.

(Contact Grow allows you to send unlimited emails to your contacts with no monthly limits. We don’t put restrictions like most of other email marketing platforms. So that you can send hundreds of mails to your contacts)

Create Gift Guides and Bundles:

  • You can breakdown all different types of dad and  create different categories like is he a ‘athletic dad’ , ‘strict dad’, dad-joke dad’, sports fan dad’, ‘news fan dad’. This will help your customers to find the most relevant product for their fathers.
  • You can also make bundles of products that are attractive to fathers and sell them at discounts. Once your customers have figured the type of dad  they have, you will want to provide them with the perfect bundle of gift items.

Keep monitoring the stats:

  • Campaigns like Father’s Day campaign are limited time campaigns. Thus, you have very less time to test your strategy. So, you should keep a check on your emails’ bounce rates, opening rates, click-through rates and other KPIs very closely throughout the campaign.
  • With the information of how your contacts are reacting to your various emails, you can improve them continuously.
  • For example, pause the non-performing email campaigns and focus more on campaigns which promise higher return

(Contact grow provide real-time and detailed statistics which are helpful in making effective and quick decisions.)

Target the right people:

  • Remember you should target your email marketing messages to the people whom you think would be most interested. It will save your time and efforts and you will be able to get the best results. Like, with Contact Grow  you can make various lists of your contact and can also divide them in different segments. This is very helpful in creating precise target audience for each type of campaign.

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