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Less is more

Less is more

How often should brands send marketing emails?

There is no upvoted answer for this question till date which displays accuracy. The reason being every organization, business and field having a different target audience, the nature of products & services, their own way of functioning and the list goes on.

This brings us to ‘not’ have any definite answer for frequencies.

On the brighter side, there are a few things which can be taken care of to acute the chances of messing up and losing clients.

They are:

  1. Information overload: No matter how much you tempt to educate the audience about your field of work, trust us, they are NOT INTERESTED. So to make them open and read the mail, make the subject line catchy, keep the content limited and make it interesting.
    The content should be created in such a way that it’s short, crisp, easy to understand and remember. In addition to that, visuals can be added and one of the most important factors is to have the catchiest Subject line.
  2. Frequency: Think of your favorite dessert. Now think of eating it thrice every day. Disgusted? Right?
    This is exactly how your audience feels when they receive a blizzard of emails from you and hence, they UNSUBSCRIBE.
    Be consistent and keep a close check on the frequency rate.
  3. That thin line: There is not much gap between being noticed and looking overexcited. Always be careful about where to draw the line. Don’t pitch in every mail. Maintain a balance between informative emails and new offers.
  4. User power: Let the users decide what frequency they want. Like that, you can make the maximum use of the chances you get to interact with the client.
    Let them pick their preferred frequencies of emails to be received by you. This will establish the sense of satisfaction of not receiving unwanted junk in the inbox.

CONSISTENT: No matter when you drop in the inbox, be consistent. Quality is any day over quantity. It’s better to be wanted than to be easily available. Be consistent to establish trust in the eyes of the customers and to be noticeable enough.

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Subject: The face of email

Subject: The face of email

“Plans that make us proud (Unlike our nephew, Steve)”

Got a slight smirk on your face after reading this subject? Right?
This is what pushes the user to open the email

Whenever you open that never ending inbox, what grabs your attention immediately?
A boring informative email or something controversial?
Well, we all know what we click on first!

An engaging subject is something which will multiply the chances of the target audience of opening the email. It is one of the most considerable components to derive traffic.
If the subject is tempting enough, there are high chances of the user having a look at it at least once.
It is simple, an opened email equals to an increased prospective customer.

Since text is called the ‘Body’ of the email, ‘Subject’ is the face.
People judge the ‘Book by it’s cover’ and in this case, ‘Subject’, is the cover!

Just remember, the more you spice up the Subject, the higher are the chances, which eventually means – CONVERSIONS!

Just like the Subject, the significance of Sender name cannot be minimized. The name of the sender should be credible enough so that the receiver should not consider it as a scam. The name of the sender builds up credibility in the back of the mind of the users.

Basically, the ‘Subject’ should be offend the user a little and should make him smile after he/she opens the email. That is the most quintessential way of writing gripping emails.


Apply the S&S (Subject & Sender) and you are halfway through.

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Branch out with Email Marketing

Branch out with Email Marketing

4 Tips To Design Emailer

Emails are not letters, we should design an eye-catching email design.

Simple emails with catchy words or a  picture here and there won’t grab anyone’s attention anymore. If you want to achieve high response and high click rates on your email your email needs to be unique and creative.

Here are 4 tips for creating an effective email campaign:

  1. Know your Goal
  2. Know your Audience
  3. Create Custom GIFs
  4. Include your Branding

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Marketing then: Throwback to 1940’s

Marketing then: Throwback to 1940’s

Patriotism is in the air, up and around. Every Independence season, we visit the era of freedom and how the leaders struggled to throw the British out of the country.
It was the time of change, an entirely different world altogether.

In the parallel world, British and USA had a different era of their own.

It’s surprising that the way of expressions varied so much so that it doesn’t seem that from the same years.

Companies were trying to use advertising and marketing tools to increase their sale.

This is how advertisements looked in the United States in 1947. In a much bolder and beautiful style, it was a big deal to put a woman’s face to advertise something as big as an airline.

On the other hand, the advertisements running in British countries usually portrayed women in the kitchen or at home with kids.

Looking at both the cultures, USA being bolder in its approach and Britishers having an elegant (read old school) approach.

The marketing minds behind the advertisements are to be given their due credit for keeping the cultures in mind before targeting the audience.

Meanwhile in India, in the midst of the freedom struggle,  the advertisements revolved around the concept of freedom in India.

The marketing mind behind all of it was to focus on the sensitive topic which would interest the audience and make an impact.

And well, it worked.

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Risk taking – Gateway to Goals

Risk taking – Gateway to Goals

Remember being 4 years old and struggling to ride a bicycle?

It starts with a fantasy of riding that shiny piece of metal and rubber combined together to form a beautiful childhood dream. As a first-timer, you were supported by additional training wheels on either side.

Once the initial process is in function, one by one the supporting wheels were taken away from the cycle. Your friends, your family and your parents, everyone was anxious that your endeavor might end in a ditch with you upside down under your bicycle.

Ha!, and you are not one to disappoint, but then again you got up dusted your clothes, rubbed your bruised knee and elbow. Tears welled up when you realized how much it hurts, then the shudder of the thought that you will never be able to ride a bicycle again.

But then your father came up and motivated you to get up and try again.

Disheartened and hurt, you agreed to him and gave it another shot.

After continuous attempts with your father holding the bicycle from behind, one day you balanced and started riding it all by yourself.

That was the first time you tasted success after a series of failure and bruises on your limbs.

So let that 4-year-old child believe in you and take the risk you have been waiting to take for a long time. Don’t over calculate, either you’ll learn to ride the bicycle or will have bruises and will get up to try again.

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Email marketing – The pathway to conversion

Email marketing – The pathway to conversion

The concept of email marketing is fresh as mint in the marketing propaganda. The ones who have realized its importance have won half of the race and the rest of them are just late.

Email marketing, as we know is a way of reaching out to both new and existing clients.

Basically, it’s about expanding the horizons while keeping the existing boundaries in the circle.

After investing abundance of resources into projects, the roadblock occurs when it comes to communicating to the audience about it. This is where email marketing plays its role to save the day.

Planning to run a campaign? – Use Contact Grow.

Introducing new services/products? – Use Contact Grow.

Updating the existing services/products? – Use Contact Grow.

Reaching out to prospective clients? – Use Contact Grow.

Do it all with just a click, with unending numbers to reach out to.

Customer relationship management in a piece of cake if handled through email marketing.

It fulfills all the purposes, from keeping the existing clients hooked by keeping them updated with all the activities. It assures the clients that the company is concerned about them.

Email marketing triggers the right kind of audience and lays down the conversion path for the prospective clients. It’s a smooth way to reach to the bottom of the funnel. The emails are fabricated according to the target audience which brings the perspective clients one step closer to conversion.

Small business can create opportunities for themselves by blasting out emails instead of investing large amounts of their limited funds into endeavors like social media marketing. A personalized email works better than a random social media post amongst thousands of others. Other than that, it builds credibility amongst the audience, which establishes a rapport with them.

It works for both B2B and B2C, no matter where in the food chain your business exists, your audience is hungry for content and you for their attention.

It helps with the ever challenging concept of audience engagement. According to a survey, about 91% of internet users check their email daily. This directly increases the engagement since an email is an assured pushed communication as compared to social media which works on algorithms.

It’s mandatory to amplify the horizons time and again to avoid monotony and keep the things interesting. Social media backed with email marketing can change the way you see your engagement graph, let’s have an upward curve on the top right quadrant.

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